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Web Design Life:
The Complete Manual

One of the great challenges small business owners face is that despite our desire to build an incredible brand and business, we discover creating a beautiful web home and brand messaging can be a great challenge, and quite expensive. This guide gives you the tools to create your own beautiful website and brand graphics for little upfront costs and in short time!

topics Explored


Explore cost effective options and step-by-step installation + setup


Choosing the best platforms for your products + services


Enhancing your website + blog with gorgeous graphics designs


Keeping your website updated + fresh

What's Inside

More than just a guide, it comes packs with other incredible features and offerings

  • Aligning your website with your branding
  • Exclusive, free add on features at no cost to you
  • Designing your brand board from scratch

Why The guide?

I offered web design and social media services as a professional service as a result of my blog subscribers who appreciated the look and feel of my own. I was asked to support their small business with web design needs and eventually thought why not? I was able to execute incredible products for hair, wellness and beauty brands but quickly realized it was simply something I was good, not something I was passionate about. So I phased out the web design business component of my business and created this guide which allows me to share my creative and technical gifts, while focusing on what I’m truly passionate about. I pour all of what I know into this space and extend the support and resources for those who need it in my virtual academy

Enjoy + Happy Creating,

Carmen Veal

They say...

My client came in for her first appointment raving about her initial experience with me and my business via my website. She said it was beautiful, clear and encouraged her to book her appointment online. Thank you Carmen for helping make this possible. To our success!

Shawne J.

Carmen is phenomenal! I have followed her work for years before asking multiples time (more like begging) for help with marketing my multi-cultural service and product brand. Eventually she gave in and helped create an incredible outlet that spoke my language and matched my brands identity and tone. And now she’s allowing us to learn how she does it. This is golden!

Martha H.

We are almost ready to launch...


Right now, I’m busy perfecting the guide with a handful of trusted clients. Be the first to know when the guide is officially ready for download. Enter your details below then check your email for a welcome message from me :).

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